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About Our Charity

In 2023, a gathering of friends and coworkers in Chennai Tamilnadu, led to the founding of JAI GURUDEV WOMENT EMPOWERMENT (JGDWE). The ambitious goal of this group of forward-thinking women was to break the cycle of poverty for all women, but especially for those who were living in rural areas with little resources and in extreme poverty.

Even though women in India are equally essential in driving the rural economy, gender equality is still a hot topic. Along with additional duties like fetching water, gathering firewood, and even working in farms, women have always had to deal with the unequal distribution of household labour. Their physical safety, prospects for adult education, general productivity, ability to generate revenue, nutritional status, and general health and well-being are all being negatively impacted by this.

In order to make women equal players in the development process, WOTR is leading efforts to lessen their "time poverty" and toil, to give them access to economic opportunities, and to allow them to participate in decision-making.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women with tools to work their way out of poverty, care for their families, and strengthen their communities.

Our Vision

We envision a world without poverty in which women are empowered, uplifted and equal partners in society. Women live in safe, sustainable environments that include adequate food, water, housing, education and health care. They possess the tools to provide a better life for themselves and their families and they have the hope, opportunity and ability to control their lives and futures.


We envision a world without poverty in which women are empowered, uplifted, and equal partners in society.








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